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Domeniul: IT Software
Postul: Autodidact / Student Web Developer
Descrierea postului: We are currently seeking for a dedicated Web developer for a full-time and long term job. You can be a student, autodidact or anything else as long as you have several years (at least 1) of personal or professional experience in the following fields: - PHP 5+ programming - Mysql 5+ - Build applications, scripts in php/mysql - CSS / HTML - Photoshop: ability to do photo manipulation, create banners, logos - HTML5, CSS3 - CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, etc..) - Great abilities to make beautiful design that meets western customers requirements - Framework experience is a plus (Codeiniter, etc..) - Integration of javascript/jquery/prototyp/ajax scripts (if you can create them from scratch, it is a plus) - good oral and written english skills - speaking or writing french language is a real plus - knowledge of seo, sem - Experience in php, mysql, html, css, javascript is absolutely required. - any knowledges is a plus, the more you have the best it is Your personality: - You are an hard worker - You are passionnated by all that relates to computing - You are an autodidact: You can learn new things on your own by just googling it - You are honest, ethical - You are interested to be part of future marvelous projects (not from the start) - You do not feel good in traditional restrictive company environment that do not give place for freedom - You are responsible , you meet deadlines - You learn new things fast - You are a multi-tasking person - You are proactive: You do not wait that we say what must be changed. You guess the changes - You prefer a more free work environment About salary - We offer a fix net salary and we have a very attractive remuneration system with a fix part (salary) and a variable part which is a percentage of the income generated by the company. It gives you a big motivation to work perfectly because your salary is directly linked to financial success of the company - The maximum salary you can get depends on company success and not on the current payscale market for web developers. This is why, in the long term, you will be paid more than developers having similar experience. We also offer a flexible work environment. - No clothes requirements & other unuseful interdictions - Environment of hard work with fixed working hours that can be more flexible sometimes. - We offer a great freedom in managing your tasks. - There is stress because it is a startup but there are no managerial abuses like in other companies What you will have to do: You have to do freelancing work (mainly applications/websites building, cms installation & design, but sometimes content submissions, etc..) After that, in the future, you will work on other exciting entrepreneurship adventures If you recognize yourself in this profile, do not hesitate to contact us If interested: - You can send us your CVs but that\\'s not the main thing we look at - Just send us the list of things, languages, frameworks, etc you have experience with and you can do correctly - Send us a small text (255 characters) saying why you want to work with us
Firma: Mdev
Telefon: 765386452
Email: [goticreative@yahoo.com]
Link către site-ul companiei: http://
Salariul oferit:
Județul: Timis
Orașul: Timisoara
Data de postare: 2013-05-12
Perioadă de valabilitate: 2 săptămâni

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